Halo mcc matchmaking working yet

I've reached out to xbox support and 343 industries, but given the problems and the timing i don't expect an immediate response obviously this is a crucial launch, and doa matchmaking is an unwelcome blemish on an otherwise stellar title, especially on a day meant to celebrate the halo franchise and. The developers have announced the new patch aims to improve the matchmaking system, which has caused a range of issue for fans online since launch almost three week ago 343 have warned however that although the new content update aims to improve problems with uneven teams, the issue won't. 18 hours ago an issue has been discovered with some titles (halo mcc, halo 5, ea sports titles as an example) that matchmaking is failing we are tracking connectivity if you see any issues please report the problems for investigation. The mcc has had matchmaking issues since it launched in november of 2014, and 343 acknowledges those issues were due in large part to the way the collection was developed it may sound while there were other issues, matchmaking seems to have been the core of the problem the way the ui. What makes this particular turn of events notable is that it's currently february 2018, more than three years on from halo: mcc's original release date of november 11, 2014it's not instead, the 343 legacy team will be focusing on a more deep-rooted problem: how mcc actually treats each game in the.

But the master chief collection was particularly egregious, because it was microsoft's marquee series—and the problems were so pervasive even worse, the game's pre-release marketing promised tons of dedicated servers, for stable games and to prevent matchmaking abuse or cheating but those. It actually is gears related, because the coalition can implement that reputation doesn't count towards matchmaking in a patch 343 did the same with halo: mcc since microsoft didn't do anything about it, and they haven't done anything for months (since the halo: mcc debacle) so, this is the problem. This has popped up in a couple places such as reddit and the halo 5 ot from frank o'connor as the long promised explanation of why the mcc turned the problem with mcc was that the bugs were so numerous and so all- encompassing, even setting aside the matchmaking, that i believe shipping the.

A series of patches in the game's first year resolved some issues, particularly with online matchmaking, but in spite of continued complaints about the anthology, microsoft hasn't put out a h:mcc patch in over two years and the company failed to capitalize on xbox one x hype by implying in july that the. I'm rank 20 in halo 3 in mcc it doesn't have the plethora of problems it had at launch (finding games, 3v4, games dropping, 1th), but it still certainly isn't the same experience we had 10+ i've had matchmaking working very well in doubles and team slayer, normally finds match in 60 seconds or less. Hope 343 can get halo 5 working, without all these problems because that could really hurt sales if one of the biggest games on xbox one doesn't work the only tasks that 343i had on mcc were the project management, the ui and the matchmaking perhaps ms should hand the halo franchise over to. To increase your chances of getting into the next mcc test flight, play mcc well gee 343 i've been trying to play #halomcc for the last ten minutes or so and haven't found a single game yet 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes reply retweet retweeted like liked woodymd @iitzdrumstix may 3 more copy link to tweet.

Last week, microsoft revealed that it would enhance the games in halo: the master chief collection for xbox one x sometime in 2018 but there's more to this story: stung by its abysmal launch on the original xbox one in 2014, microsoft has been working for years to fix the master chief collection. By now, you know the story halo: the master chief collection was the stuff of dreams, especially for fans who were adopters of the original xboxat least on the surface when it launched, the series' most appealing feature, matchmaking, was in shambles the problem became very public, very quickly.

Halo mcc matchmaking working yet

When halo: the master chief collection released all those years ago, it not only contained all of the master chief-led halo games, but also a lot of problems matchmaking didn't work and there were other bizarre issues 343 industries tried to fix the game, but even after months, it remained in a.

  • There are a lot of legitimate issues and while it's unfortunate that some people have been driven to such extreme measures of expressing their dissatisfaction it doesn't mean the game isn't without its problems, 343's community manager, brian jarrard, said on reddit (via neogaf) jarrard added that.
  • I have not spent a single day since the night the game fell down in matchmaking where i didn't think about it the hardest messages to but we kept talking about it – and the conversation inevitably led to the “problem” of a franchise existing over multiple generations of hardware this was built for xbox.

343 gave details on a new batch of changes that will be coming to halo: the master chief collection (mcc) on xbox one since its elease, mcc ran into a number of issues, including bugs, crashes, and mcc matchmaking was a complete mess going into the new year, 343 is looking to update mcc to avoid any additional. Some of these bugs are carryovers from the retail version of mcc while others are new and were introduced during the process of this update work will only have halo 2 anniversary in it, the other content is being manually stripped out for now – this is not technically “intelligent delivery” at work not yet. This page lists all title updates for halo: the master chief collection we are still working on additional fixes for playlist leaderboard entries with this update , you'll see better, more frequent and more informative status updates throughout the matchmaking flow – so players found for example, will be displayed to let. “in terms of chicken/egg scenarios, fixing the existing 'vanilla' xbox one mcc was the chicken that laid the xbox one x enhanced version egg,” he wrote in a blog post “so to be o'connor then gave an accounting for the master chief collection's manifold problems, particularly the broken matchmaking.

Halo mcc matchmaking working yet
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